5 Ways A Property Manager In Oklahoma City Can Save You Money

oklahoma-city-rental-property-investmentWith any investment property comes regular maintenance and upkeep costs. As with any business, your goal is to save as much money as possible in order to profit from your investment.

That’s why so many landlords and residential property owners choose a property manager in Oklahoma City to handle their residential properties. It is a smart investment to protect your investment.

Top 5 ways a Property Manager in Oklahoma City Saves You Money

  1. Getting the Best Rent for Your Investment

    A property manager familiar with the Oklahoma City market knows what the going rental rates are for your property. Setting the rent amount correctly is the difference between finding a tenant quickly and having a property sit vacant month after month.

  2. Reducing Vacancies

    An experienced Oklahoma City Property Manager knows which advertising mediums in which to place listings as well as other channels that can bring quality renters. They also have a constant influx of potential tenants looking for rentals.

  3. Quality Renters That Pay On Time

    You can quickly lose a significant amount of money on rental property with poor quality tenants due to lost rent, eviction costs and damages. A good property management company will use a variety of resources to effectively and quickly screen candidates to find the best quality renter. This leads to tenants with a higher likelihood of lease renewal and on-time payments.

  4. Reduced Maintenance Costs

    You may be able to save a great deal on monthly and annual maintenance costs thanks to your property manager’s extensive vendor connections. Because of the amount of work they send these vendors, savings through negotiated price reductions can be as much as a 30% savings on maintenance costs. That is a discount you aren’t going to be able to negotiate on your own.

  5. Reduced Advertising Costs

    Because of the frequency of listings, property managers often get greatly reduced pricing on advertising and have access to more avenues to promote your property.

Often when a landlord considers hiring a property manager, they are concerned about the fee required and forget to consider how much is saved through the 5 items above. An owner can save thousands of dollars each year thanks to the buying power of a property management company.

Interested in hiring a property manager in Oklahoma City?