Oklahoma City Real Estate Agent Partnership Program

So you have a house listing that just won’t sell?

Let us Help you lease it or sell it using owner finance terms.

  • If an owner is getting low offers or no offers, consider proposing that the seller rent the property until the market improves.
  • Our expertise in the market and list of renters will get your client’s property rented and cash flowing fast.
  • Using Appfollio, we track rents, maintenance request and creates regular monthly reports to the home owner.
  • We accept the liability that comes with leasing and managing residential real estate, such as Fair Housing and FCRA laws.

Miller Home Solutions LLC has been managing single family homes since 2003.

The owner, Rodney is a real estate broker that specializes in investment rental property management. Rodney is also a member of the National Association of Property Managers and he knows how to effectively manage not just rental homes, but the tenants and the property’s cash flow.

Miller Home Solutions would like to partner with Real Estate agents just like you that need an option for the occasional hard to sell house.

We will work with you to create the best solution for you and your clients when dealing with hard-to-sell real estate property.

When you refer an owner to Miller Home Solutions LLC they will remain your client. When the owner decides it’s time to sell, we will send them back to you.

We can help you and your client in one of three ways:

Leasing and property management services:

You refer the owner to us and we handle everything: Marketing, showing, qualifying, lease preparation, move-in inspection, and everything property management entails until the owner decides to sell. We pay you a referral fee of 25% of one month’s rent, and refer the owner back to you when it’s time for them to sell Or We’ll pay you 50% of the first months rent and we’ll represent the owner should they decide to sell.

Owner Financing and property management Services:

We are experts in selling on owner finance terms. You refer the owner to us and we market the house with seller financing terms. We collect the down payment, draft the paperwork, and manage the property until the buyer can qualify for traditional financing. We work to help the buyer improve their credit by reporting their monthly payments to the credit bureaus. We pay you 10% of the buyers down payment for your referral.

Tenant placement Services:

Have a potential home buyer that has credit issues and can’t qualify for a home loan? We’ll place your client into a rental or owner finance property and help them build their credit to help them achieve their dream of home ownership. When they are ready to buy we’ll refer them back to you. We build credit by reporting all rental payments to the various credit bureaus.

So don’t think of us as the competition. Instead make us the property management arm of your business. Let’s partner up to create happy clients and provide solutions to homeowners, tenants and buyers.

Give u a call and lets discuss how we can work together to create a mutually beneficial partnership.
We look forward to partnering with you!

Rodney Miller, Broker
Miller Home Solutuions

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